CSCS21-2017 Program

  • The extended version of the program is available here.

*** IAFA Final Discussion (Round table). New insights in fractal based complexity modeling – moderator Mircea Rusu, Tuesday, 30 May 2017, 16.00-17.00

*** RDA meets Romanian researchers – 30 May 2017 – Bucharest – Romania. Please register for this session (free registration).

RDA Program (30 May 2017):
09:00-10:30 Registration
10:30-10:40 Welcoming words, Leif Laaksonen (RDA), Gheorghe-Decebal Popescu (ICI Bucharest)
10:40-11:10 RDA in a nutshell and why RDA is important, Leif Laaksonen (RDA Europe)
11:10-11:40 RDA: What, Where, When, and How, Francoise Genova, (RDA Europe/CNRS)
11:40-12:00 RDA web site – Useful resource for information on re-use of data, Francoise Genova
12:00-12:30 Input, views and discussion from Romanian researchers on re-use of data
12:30-12:40 Summary of discussion, Q&A and possible actions to strengthen Nordic collaboration
12:40-14:00 Light lunch, coffee and networking

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